Monday, April 30, 2018

Aquanut Watercolor Challenge

This challenge was to demonstrate the capability of Aquanut Watercolors to successfully be layered and the beauty of the rich colors, almost gouache like, a translucent gouache. Here's the secret. This illustration was done on Canson 140lb coldpress watercolor paper. I believe that if I had done it a higher scale of paper that it would have been a bit better, but that is not to say that Canson didn't successfully do the job, because it did and beautifully I might add. Standards are standards, but I feel Aquanut Watercolors was up to a challenge. And we established two things here, a successful illustration on a paper that is considered to be of a lower standard. I really found that to be untrue. I guess I just believe all watercolors handle differently on specific papers. I wanted them to handle beautifully on all papers. And the big kicker here is the option of price point. I wanted everyone to enjoy professional quality watercolors. And now everyone can.

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