Monday, April 30, 2018

Aquanut Watercolor Challenge

This challenge was to demonstrate the capability of Aquanut Watercolors to successfully be layered and the beauty of the rich colors, almost gouache like, a translucent gouache. Here's the secret. This illustration was done on Canson 140lb coldpress watercolor paper. I believe that if I had done it a higher scale of paper that it would have been a bit better, but that is not to say that Canson didn't successfully do the job, because it did and beautifully I might add. Standards are standards, but I feel Aquanut Watercolors was up to a challenge. And we established two things here, a successful illustration on a paper that is considered to be of a lower standard. I really found that to be untrue. I guess I just believe all watercolors handle differently on specific papers. I wanted them to handle beautifully on all papers. And the big kicker here is the option of price point. I wanted everyone to enjoy professional quality watercolors. And now everyone can.

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Commissions Welcome

I'm a freelance illustrator/Instructor and Artist from Woodstock IL. I primarily work in watercolor but not limited to. My paintings are primarily sold online or at the local artisans market and I primarily turn them into cigar box covers, handmade art journal covers and keepsake pieces. 
My Skills: Cartoon Illustration-Children's book illustration-Character design -  Storyboard illustration(manually) with Watercolor/Gouche and Colored Pencil on Arches 300lb. coldpress, but not limited to.
Having instructed mixed media and watercolor throughout my art career, I have been exposed to a number of aspects of the art world. My experience as a freelance artist, Instructor at local NISRA, Hobby Lobby, Artisans Market class room and as a Helping Artist, Social Artworking party planner demonstrates my capability of working with others through the creative process and all while meeting the challenges presented to me. Being a self-taught artist and instructor has allowed me to learn the nuances of people and clients.
I would appreciate the opportunity to make a substantial contribution to your project.
I will give you * 3 Concepts Initially,  * Unlimited Revisions * All work would be 100% Original
* 100% Copy Right on the Final will be Buyer's Property * 24/7 Support
I welcome the opportunity to connect with you to further discuss your needs and expectations. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Great use for your swatches.

Swatches can double as artwork and reference so, brighten up that drab working space with this fun project. 

And if your interested in some of those good-looking colors I have there. They are available in my shop.

Monday, March 5, 2018

Limited Editions

I have been working crazy hard creating some awesome creative palettes. And since I strive to be like no one else. Why should we have palettes that a million others can have. All my palettes, or colors for that matter are all limited editions. Do you want to have what everyone else has? I myself love being one of a kind. Can I get an AMEN!

Thursday, February 15, 2018

2018 Fundraiser

Guess the theme of this canvas for Woodstock Art for Paws 2018 fundraiser to our local Helping Paws Animal Shelter. Our town is a bit famous, you see, our square is where Groundhogs Day was filmed. It was awesome. I was a teen standing right outside behind the flagged off area just to watch. Was also hoping we might be chosen as an extra. Didn't happen. None the less, it was still friggen awesome! This is Phil and his buddy Bill.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

"Where Can I Get That?" -- "You cant..."

Only 5 sets available. I made very small batches as I was searching for the right formula, the perfect consistency when rewetting to get a rich pigment color and they burst on wet and wet techniques to get the optimal organic look.

I believe watercolors are magical and mysterious mediums and I've always been flattered when someone has loved a color and asked, "where can I get that?" "You cant." I'm taking a different approach. The colors I make, I may never remake again as I'm always searching something new. These colors will always be unique to your artwork and when some asks you "Where did you get that color and how do I get it." You can say, "You cant."

Aquanut Watercolor Challenge

This challenge was to demonstrate the capability of Aquanut Watercolors to successfully be layered and the beauty of the rich colors, almost...