Illustration for a gardening children’s book using Aquanut Watercolors.

Aquadot Challenge Boxes are back!

As more handcrafted watercolors are being sought after today. Aquanut Watercolors are one of a kind in that they are the only handcrafted brand to be made with a binder called Aquazol. It’s a water-soluble binder that is translucent and allows the color of the pigments to remain rich and extremely archival. Gum Arabic is amber in color by nature and as it ages it becomes darker, therefore said to change the true color of the pigment. While I believe Aquazol will probably never replace Gum Arabic all together, it has proven its ability to be a competitor in the watercolor crafting world.

Aquanut brand is creative in that we are always creating new colors and inventing new creative ways to house the watercolors. While half pans are the most common way we all prefer, travelers’ palettes are becoming more popular and lowering product price point so that everyone can afford watercolors.

We began the wave of the all affordable, Aquadots. However, we always seeking fun vehicles to inspire creativity. Unlike dot cards that are sold by other company’s to offer buyers a guide to purchasing the colors that artists are looking for, these are “significantly larger” and really allow the user to get a true perception of the color before committing to a half/full pans or tubes. An Aquadot can be used in approx. 8-10 paintings before it is gone. It is a highly pigmented, concentrated color in a wafer that can even be reconstituted into a tube-like consistency. The packaging for this product is also minimal because it doesn’t require a pan, therefore the savings and size allow for a greater selling strategy. At only $2-$8 per Aquadot, literally everyone can afford them. The price allows artists to afford even those luxury pigments.

However, I really find that some Etsy sellers are price gouging. With that said, I have purchased about 60 plus handcrafted watercolors to review to begin my “Handcrafters Showdown” for consumers to make their own decisions’. I don’t feel at all that any of these handcrafters create bad watercolors, in fact, I love them all. What they choose to sell them for is rightfully theirs.

Aquanut Watercolors has began offering an Aquadot Challenge Box which includes 6 colors a month with a paid subscription and also includes an illustration on premium watercolor paper with an instruction sheet tutorial delivered monthly at only $19.99. Subscribing to Patreon at the $5 reward tier offers a pre-recorded tutorial for you to view. How cool, right? Total steal!

This illustration is accredited to Sandra Strait. She is a talented artist who has been using Aquanut Watercolors in several gorgeous illustrations.

Here is another artist I would like to mention because her style is in a class of of it’s own. You can find more of her illustrations at @lonnyclouser on Instagram or here on